Monday, May 21, 2012

Nureyev Finished

This little sculpture of Nureyev is complete, at long last!  He measures 15 inches and is available as a limited edition in bronze.  Multiple bronzes have sold already.  I am excited this is a work people are responding well to and excited about!

New Rosemary and Company Brushes

Today my new brushes arrived from Rosemary and Company in England.  I have been hearing excellent reviews of Rosemary Thompson's brushes and decided to test them. 

Rosemary Thompson is one of the last brushmakers to make all of her brushes by hand and somehow she manages to keep the cost extremely reasonable.  I purchased an array of mongoose filberts, flats, rounds, long filberts, and long flats. 

Many artists say these are the best artist brushes in the world, and after receiving mine, I have to say they are the nicest, most well-made brushes I have ever seen or held.  They feel amazing in your hand, and definitely live up to the hype.  These are exceptional tools which yield superior results in handling and workability. 

I highly recommend brushes from Rosemary and Company.

Here is a new work I will be using these brushes for.  Below is the piambura layer for "Mocking Beauty".  The piambura layer is a stage in the Verdaccio technique rediscovered by Adrian Gottlieb, portrait painter.  This will become the underpainting and the white will yield luminosity to the flesh tones of the figure.

Finalist in Portrait Society of America International Portrait Competition, 2012

I am thrilled to announce that my relief sculpture entitled "Kalos Kai Agathos II" was one of 20 finalist works chosen from a pool of several thousand in the Portrait Society of America's International Portrait Competition, 2012.  The relief will travel to the PSoA convention in Philadelphia where judges will decide on the prize winners.  $50,000 will be awarded in prizes. 

I am honored to be a finalist along with the other 19 talented artists.