Monday, May 21, 2012

Nureyev Finished

This little sculpture of Nureyev is complete, at long last!  He measures 15 inches and is available as a limited edition in bronze.  Multiple bronzes have sold already.  I am excited this is a work people are responding well to and excited about!


  1. Beautiful Gavin! So glad you got it finished. Hope your edition completely sells out!

  2. Beautiful and graceful gesture you've portrayed. I love it that you've shown those delicate and lovely serratus muscles. Of all the wonderful forms in the body, they may be my favorite.

  3. Diana,

    Thank you! You remind me of Laci Degerenday, a sculpture instructor at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. He has passed away sadly, but he used to go around the class with a pointy little tool and stab the gastrocnemius and exclaim, "In my class you must sculpt the gastrocnemius perfectly!" When asked why, he would say, "Because it is my favorite muscle!" Hahaha! It is cool how we hone in on certain body areas in our study and study that form until its subtleties make it a favorite!