Tuesday, February 17, 2015

California Adventure and New Work!

Hello friends!  I haven't posted in quite some time but will be blogging again regularly.  A lot has happened since the last entry!

This past year was spent getting ready to sell my home and studio in Walkersville, Maryland.  Happily it sold on November 6 and my things were moved into storage.

I had been planning on attending graduate school and this is still a goal of mine in the near future.  But a better prospect presented itself and school is on the back burner for now.

I decided instead to pursue my own work full time for several years in California.  So after a wonderful holiday with my family in Maryland, I packed my car with limited studio supplies and drove across country. When spring arrives I'll return for the rest and set up a larger studio!

The drive took about 2 weeks and included numerous visits with friends and family across the U.S.

The weather is amazing here and I'm loving the beach, the richly colored sunsets, and meeting new people.

Since arriving in Los Angeles on February 1, I've been back in the studio working on quick warm up studies in oil.  It's been a while and these exercises will build into longer projects with broader scope.

I will be producing several drawings for a March show back east at the Bridge Gallery in Shepherdstown, WV.  Otherwise the focus is on building inventory for several west coast galleries.

Here are some new pieces in the works.  All of these are images from the cross-country trip.  Some are completed sketches, while others are in progress.  I'm thoroughly enjoying experimentation with different limited palettes including Zorn's.  Other's employ the primaries in varying key.  Another palette uses earth tones all in the warm spectrum.  The point for me is simplification.  I don't like complicated and as we've all heard a million times, "less is more"!  The paintings below are also studies in stark monochrome with pops of color.  Others are more color rich!

Snow in Muleshoe, TX oil on paper WIP
Snow study. Oil on panel.

Sunset, Clovis, NM. Oil on panel

 Detail of a Work in Progress. Oil on paper
Sunset, Sausalito. Oil on panel

Also, here is an update on the Bird Chopstick project.  Thus far 4 protoypes have been made in sterling and ebony.  The chopstick rest is nearly done as well and will be cast in silver-plated bronze.  Here are several old versions.  The ones in the below photos have been completely redesigned.  I will post more on those soon!

Version 1

Version 1

Version 1

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