Saturday, December 10, 2011

"The First Sip," From Start to Finish

I will be posting here and there regarding my process.  The following photos chronicle the progress of a 24" bronze figure entitled, "The First Sip".  This was a commission for a couple who were celebrating their 8th anniversary, which is bronze.  The bronze casting is mounted atop a beautiful green marble column (of the Doric order) in their private gardens.

Here, I have designed and hand-made a moulding for the base 
and have mounted the pieces in preparation for sculpting.

This is the completed aluminum armature.  

Typically I work by the sight-size method 
and build flat silhouettes from varying angles.
Then the figure is "fleshed out".

A figure sculpture is created by first sculpting the nude.
Then clay strands are carefully placed to capture the chief lines of drapery.

Drapery lines are gradually softened.

Drapery is refined.

Finishing touches are put on the sculpture.

The completed bronze.

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